News » Talmer Bank to sponsor marathon for 2 years

The 35th edition of the Free Press Marathon officially will be known as the Detroit Free Press/Talmer Bank Marathon.

Race organizers announced Wednesday that Talmer Bank and Trust would be the co-title sponsor for the next two years. Talmer Bank also sponsored last month’s event, which featured a record field of 20,940 runners, walkers, wheelers and handcyclists for the marathon, half marathon, 5-person relay and 5K run/walk that compose one of the city’s signature events.

“Talmer Bank and Trust is truly dedicated to this community. We are proud to have their support for at least the next two years as our primary partner in planning this world-class event,” Rich Harshbarger, executive race director and vice president of consumer marketing and communications for the Detroit Media Partnership, said in a statement. “Health and wealth go together. Talmer Bank embraced this opportunity immediately, and we look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

Talmer Bank, with headquarters in Troy, is the fifth-largest Michigan-based bank with 55 branches, more than 900 employees and $2.1 billion in assets. At last month’s event, Talmer Bank had 150 runners and 60 volunteers.

“The Detroit Free Press Marathon was an invigorating event and a great alliance with the Detroit Free Press and the community,” David Provost, chairman, president and CEO of Talmer Bank and Trust, said in a statement. “Our Talmer Bank team embraced the marathon and was overwhelmed by the commitment of all the runners and volunteers. We look forward to more success in 2012 and 2013.”  Click here to read the entire story.

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