Your 2017 Finisher Medal!

Featuring a 1978 Chevy Corvette, this year’s medal pays tribute to our long history. From finish lines on Belle Isle to our current course, we are proud to call the Motor City our home! (more…)

Where the fartlek is my shirt?!

We promise, they are not lost in the mail nor do we have an incorrect address on file.  We didn’t pace ourselves when we announced that you would have your shirt by Thanksgiving and we apologize for any miscommunication or lack of communication on our part.   

Here’s the scoop:  The fulfillment house that our shirt vendor contracted to send the shirts out didn’t realize what an undertaking mailing nearly 27,000 shirts would be. They needed to be sorted by gender, by size and by race – and make it in the correct envelope. They are working overtime to ensure everything is in the mail by Tuesday, December 6th and delivered to you by Tuesday, December 20th.

 We appreciate your patience and understanding of this unfortunate and rare situation “Shirt Happens” has put us all in.  (more…)

Cruise Our Race Course

Join the Detroit Experience Factory for a course tour on race weekend! A guided bus tour will take you on about 20 miles of our 26.2-mile course. A great opportunity for runners and spectators!