Sunday, Oct. 16, 2022 at 7 a.m.

Registration opens Jan. 1. Sign up here.

The Basics

  • A team of 2-5 runners will cover the entire 26.2 mile distance.
  • Each runner will run one leg of 3-7 miles. The team can have as few as 2 members competing. However, this will require that some team members run more than one leg. For example, if a team has only three members, the first runner may run the first two legs of the relay, the second runner may run the next two, while the third runner runs the final distance to the finish line. If someone is running multiple legs, they MUST run consecutive legs (example, leg 1 and 2). If a team has four members, one member must run two legs of the relay.
  • There are several different entry categories for relay teams, which include:
    • Male (all male team members)
    • Female (all female team members)
    • Mixed (any ratio of male/female team members)
    • Male Masters (all male team members who are all 40 years or older)
    • Female Masters (all female team members who are all 40 years or older)
    • Mixed Masters (male/female team members who are all 40 years or older)
  • Only teams with 5 members will qualify for overall awards.

Phase 1: Registration

Create a team

  1. Visit the EnMotive registration site.
  2. Select in-person event, then Marathon relay
  3. Select the person participating from your EnMotive account profile and hit next.
  4. Select Create a Team
  5. Enter Team Name
  6. Enter an access code if you would like your team restricted to only your participants.  This is optional but if you do set an access code make sure you write it down.
  7. Select your leg assignment
  8. Complete the remainder of your registration form until checkout.

Join a team

  1. Visit the EnMotive registration site.
  2. Make sure there is no other registrations still in your cart in the top right corner. If there is a pending registration in your cart, please complete it or remove it before moving forward with the next steps.
  3. Select in-person event, then Marathon relay (yes, it will say $325 next to it).
  4. Select the person participating from your EnMotive account profile and hit next.
  5. Select your team name from the drop-down question of ‘Create or Join a team.’
  6. Select one of the legs still available.
  7. Once the leg is selected the correct questions for that leg will populate. You must answer those, click continue and it will take you to a billing/checkout page and show that you owe $0.00. You MUST answer all questions to bring the total down to $0.00.
  8. Finally, make sure you select complete from the billing page and you are all set once you see the banner that says “Congrats! You’re in!”

Registration FAQ’s for Team Captains

How do I become the Team Captain?
To become the Team Captain you must be the first person to register/create the Team.

How do I update the Team Captain?
If you need to change the Team Captain please reach out to help@enmotive.com and this can be changed!

As a Team Captain how do I manage my Team?

  1. Sign into your EnMotive account –https://detroitmarathon.enmotive.com/users/account
  2. ‘Teams’ will be listed at the bottom of the page – scroll to your team
  3. Click ‘Manage Team’ – only Team Captain will have this option to manage, if you are not the Team Captain it will only say ‘View Team’
  4. Click the blue ‘Actions’ button. You will see all the options you have as a team captain here:
    • View Registration – Takes you to that individual’s registration page to view their registration details
    • Team Access Code– Set a team access code so anyone who tries to join your team must know the access code first
    • Invite Team Members – Provides you two options to either invite someone who is already registered to join your team OR to invite someone who is not registered yet by sending them an email
    • Contact Team Members – Allows you to send emails to your team roster
    • Download Team Roster – Creates an excel report for the Team Captain to see who is on their team with added details

How do I invite my friends and family to join my team?

  1. Sign into your EnMotive account –https://detroitmaration.enmotive.com/users/account
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Current and Upcoming Events’ section
  3. Click the blue ‘Actions’ button
  4. Click ‘View Team’
  5. Click ‘Invite Teammate’
  6. Once you click this, your default email will open with a link to email out!

Phase 2: Race Day

Each relay leg runner will be wearing a colored bib (with no timing chips), which must be attached and visible on their front. Then each team will receive one timing belt with one white bib. This will be buckled around the active runner and will be passed among the team. Each leg will be timed individually, in addition to the total team time.

Relay exchanges

There will be a single staging area at each relay exchange. There will be volunteers calling out incoming team numbers. This should help in locating your incoming team member. However, it is the responsibility of the relay teams and each team member to know when their team member will be arriving at each exchange. This can be approximated by knowing each team member’s running pace (how fast they run). This will help in estimating when they will be arriving at each relay exchange. Many runners now carry cell phones for this communication.

No relay run-in at the finish

Runner safety and security prevent a team run-in at the finish. Therefore the last leg of the relay is the glory leg to be run by one member of the team. Failure to comply will result in team disqualification. Relay teams will be able to meet near the relay team entrance for their reunion and team photos.

Age requirements:

All participants in the Marathon Relay must be 14 years or older on race day.


Prizes for relay teams are based on chip time (not clock time). Please note, participants of the Marathon Relay will receive a Team Plaque, as well as Individual Team Member Plaques in the following categories:

Place Overall Male/Female/Mixed Masters Male/Female/Mixed
1st Plaques Plaques
2nd Plaques Plaques
3rd Plaques Plaques

Note: A team does not need a 3:2 gender ratio to qualify for awards.