You can edit the following information after you register. Just visit this link and follow the instructions to edit your registration!

Bib Personalization: This is what will be printed on your bib under your number. Keep it under 15 characters. If you leave it blank we’ll just print your first name. You can update this until mid-September.

Shirt Size: You can update your shirt size until mid-September. After that date, you can exchange your shirt on site at the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers Health & Fitness Expo.

Emergency Contact Name/Information: This is who we’ll contact in case of emergency.
This can be changed until October 14th.

Would you like to run on behalf of a charity? This is for those who are running on behalf of a charity.

Predicted pace/Finish Time: This is what helps us sort all runners into the correct corals. You can change this until mid-September. Afterwards, you can update this at the  Health & Fitness Expo at the Information Booth.

Medical Information: You can update this relevant information until October 14th.


Any edits to your distance/chosen race is considered a transfer. Please visit our transfer page here for all information regarding switching your distance/race.