We understand your need to see our mile and kilometer markers out on the course, so that you know how far you have run or walked. We take great pride in placing these markers in their precise locations.

We have stenciled the locations of these markers along the course already. The Full Marathon mile markers are painted in blue, while the kilometer marks are painted in white. on the pavement. Both markers will always be on the right side against the curb, where possible. The 24 mile marker is painted with a blue dot only, since it is on the Detroit RiverWalk.

On race day, we will place a tall feather banner on top of the painted markers. The markers and the banners are color coded to match the bib color for the event that you are running.

The banner locations likely will not match the distances on your personal tracking devices. Our marker and banner locations are determined by strict USA Track and Field (USATF) course certification standards. There are a number of references online to explain the difference. See the USATF explanation here.