To reduce animal homelessness and needless euthanasia by making high quality, affordable spay/neuter services available to our community.

Length of Operation:

Almost 8 years.

How long have you been partnering with the marathon?

This is our first year!

Most heartwarming moment:

Let’s see…there are so many heartwarming stories.  It’s very gratifying to see the relief on many people’s faces when they realize that they can afford to get their beloved animals spayed and neutered when most full-service veterinarians are out of their price range.   We love working with people who do trap-neuter-return of feral/stray cats, which is a non-lethal way of controlling overpopulation of outside cats without owners.  People want to help these cats, but typically can’t (or won’t) spend a lot of money to do so.  We make it incredibly affordable to get these cats sterilized and control the population.

What are you most proud of? 

The thing I’m most proud of recently is that one of our veterinarians and our lead veterinary assistant spent a week in Puerto Rico in February as part of a multi-organization relief team working to spay thousands of animals in post-Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico.  They volunteered their time, worked in difficult conditions, and as part of this coalition made a huge difference for the animals and families in Puerto Rico.

What do you want others to know?

Spaying and neutering saves lives by preventing the birth of unwanted litters of puppies and kittens.  The PAWS Clinic has performed over 55,000 spay or neuter procedures at an extremely affordable price, and we’re seeing a drop in local animal shelter intake and euthanasia rates in our community.

Why did you choose to partner with the Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Marathon?

More exposure for The PAWS Clinic and a chance to engage a group of active, energetic people in our mission.

What’s your charity’s favorite event at marathon weekend? 

This is our first year as a charity partner so we’re excited to try everything! The marathon staff has been wonderful to work with, and so helpful.

How can people help your charity?

Spay or neuter your pets!


Love Runs


Love Runs exists to end human trafficking in metro Detroit through fundraising and building awareness.  Love Runs has raised over $1.5Million in four years with all proceeds going to local and established partner organizations fighting to prevent human trafficking and to rescue and restore human trafficking victims and survivors. Each of our runners and walkers challenge themselves to raise $1440 which represents the number of minutes every day that human trafficking victims remain enslaved and the same number of minutes that each one of us can celebrate freedom.

Length of Operation: 5 years.

Most Heartwarming moment:

It was very special the first time a human trafficking survivor joined our team and broke through her own chains by completing her first race. She reminded and continues to remind many of us why we run.

What are you most proud of?

We are most proud of the change being made in our community due to our efforts. Every dollar stays here in Metro Detroit and is used for saving, healing, restoring and rebuilding the lives of victims as well as working to address the demand side of the human trafficking problem. This team exists to bring the love of God into darkness. What started with a few broken hearts has transformed into hundreds of people working to bring the oppression of human trafficking to an end in Metro Detroit. Furthermore, it’s not just human trafficking victims and survivors who are being impacted.  But, our runners, walkers and all the people surrounding them are also being significantly impacted.

What do you want others to know?

We would love for people to know that this is not just a normal running club.  The spirit of this team empowers people to do big things. Forget couch to 5k – we’ve got broken to marathon. We have team members who boldly commit to completing a full marathon with no prior experience with the encouragement from our community of runners and walkers. We’ve got seasoned marathoners choosing to run a mile or 5k to allow themselves to help team members with their hard training or devote more time to furthering the work of Love Runs. We have victims who become victors and silenced voices finally being able to shout for freedom. This group – brought together from every walk of life – is committed to stopping the modern-day slavery movement in the streets of metro Detroit. We walk and run for the freedom of others and through God find our own freedom along the way.

Why did you choose to partner with the Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Marathon?

There are many reasons why Love Runs partners with the Marathon.  The first simple reason is marathon leadership does an incredible job planning and carrying out race weekend which enables us to focus our efforts on our cause. We also partner with the Marathon because our cause is specifically focused on ending human trafficking in this area.  There are so many in Metro Detroit who don’t realize that human trafficking is happening all around them, in their places of work and in their communities.  We pray that, as a team, we are sparking an interest in others to know more about this problem here in our home town.

What’s your charity’s favorite event at marathon weekend?

Our favorite event is to experience everything that happens on Saturday. From the 5k to the expo, it’s a fantastic day for everyone. Many of our new members on the team choose the 5k and it’s amazing to cheer them on. To see them succeed in something many of them never thought they could do is priceless. And after the morning races, we get to experience the Expo which is a great place to connect with each other and the other charities. Plus, where else will you find amazing running meme signs featuring Chuck Norris, tortoises, and running humor other than at the Love Runs booth! 🤪

How can people help your charity?

There are several ways that someone can help Love Runs efforts.  The best way to help is to simply join us as a runner or walker.  We welcome all skill levels and people of all backgrounds and beliefs.  The next best way is to volunteer with team, through activities such as handing out water during our team training runs held every Saturday throughout the season or by working a dedicated Love Runs volunteer station on marathon day. Finally, anyone is welcome to donate to any one of our runners and walkers via their respective CrowdRise fundraising pages found below:

Marathon Mission

What is Marathon Mission’s mission?

The purpose of Marathon Mission (MM) is for walkers and runners of all ages and abilities to lace up our shoes for worthy faith and community-based causes. We are an umbrella non-profit and seek to encourage others to use their strength to help other existing, compassionate causes (such as food pantries, orphanages, missionaries, etc. For a more complete list, visit ). We use our heart, lungs and muscles for a reason beyond ourselves, and embrace the theme, “Let us run with perseverance, the race marked out for us (Hebrews 12:1,2).” Along the way, our Marathon Mission team reaps the genuine and practical fitness benefits of training and serving. Marathon Mission combines fitness and faith every step of the way.

How long has your charity been operating?

The first Marathon Mission event occurred with one lone runner in the Detroit Free Press Marathon in 2003. The next year, runners and walkers of various ages and abilities joined in our Marathon Mission efforts in Detroit to raise support and awareness for other charitable efforts.

How long have you been partnering with the Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Marathon?

Marathon Mission is one of the oldest charity partners still in the running with the Detroit Free Press Marathon. We began in Detroit in 2003, and became an official charity partner in 2004.

How can people help your charity?

We would love to have people walk or jog with our Marathon Mission Team in the Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Marathon. If they have not registered for the race yet, they can indicate Marathon Mission as their Charity Partner when registering online. If they have registered already and did not indicate Marathon Mission but want to connect with us, they can send us a short email at Financial donations can be made through our Marathon Mission Crowdrise Fundraising page.

Why do you choose to partner with Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Marathon?

Detroit is the hub of our Marathon Mission wheel. Many of our participants are from the greater Detroit and Michigan areas. The Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Marathon has received numerous accolades, (such as the best Marathon in the State of Michigan by RaceRaves), and boasts spectacular sunrise views from the Ambassador Bridge. Running the famous “underwater mile” between Windsor and Detroit is also a one-of-a-kind experience. We also love the Motown feel, along with the deep sense of community and hospitality in Detroit. On another practical note, since our Marathon Mission team is made up of a variety of participants with differing ages and abilities, we really appreciate the selection of race distances to choose from during race weekend.

Marathon Mission’s Featured Runner: Michael Martin

Michael started running in the spring of 2012 after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in November of 2011. After doing some research, he found that staying active is key to combating the illness. Martin adds, “I’m not your typical sufferer so being young and athletic still, I wasn’t going to let my health get away from me. Having Lisa and her family pastoring our church, it was natural to take some advice from them and start running. ”

In October of 2012 Martin ran his first 5k and it was one of our races! From there he worked up to a half marathon in 2013 and then a full marathon in 2014. Since then Martin has participated in several races.

He told us, “I was able to do 3 halves in 2015 along with a Tough Mudder with some friends. In 2016, I had a good friend talk me into doing the marathon again with a Ragnar Relay as a warmup. That was different. A fun different — but that marathon I wanted to hit a sub 4:30 because I hit the wall HARD (which I never did in training) in my first marathon and came in at 4:38. My second one, I even had a stretch goal of 4:20 and ended up with 4:16 because I finally learned my body. I felt great after that race, but nothing compared to that first one.”

As far as weekly miles, Martin is training for the International Half. He does about 15-18 miles a week right now.

Martin has been running with the Marathon Mission team since he first started running and now he is a board member as well.

As far as training advice goes, the best thing Martin can say is that you should focus on not being enamored with those big runs. It takes a while to  build up to that distance and you have to listen to your body! Martin adds, “I couldn’t run a mile nonstop without walking for almost 4 months when I started. Then I learned HOW to run and that changed everything. The only way to learn your body is by running. I didn’t just wake up one day and throw some shoes on and went for a 12-miler. It took well over a year and half to run 12. Don’t be intimidated to start and be scared to do a race. There’s sooooo many people of all shapes and sizes and speeds and paces who are all out there just trying to be the best version of themselves. Your only goal is the goal you set for yourself. It’s truly that simple.”


If you are interested in being one of our featured charities, email us at with all your charity information.