The entrance to the Ambassador Bridge is approximately 2 miles after the start. We run in just over just one and a half lanes, which are closed to vehicle traffic that morning. There is a buffer lane that we use for operations, safety vehicles and one lane remains open to vehicle traffic in both directions, much like a construction zone. Our narrow running passage may become congested. We use a wave start, and we have carefully calculated the flow of runners to help minimize the impact. We ask that you be honest about your projected time, and that you start in your assigned wave. You must stay within the boundaries of the course as marked for your own safety, as well as for those around you.

We also ask you refrain from taking pictures or selfies while along the bridge. Sudden stops from participants impacts other runners and often slows everyone down. Be mindful of where and how often you stop along the course. If needed, please move to the side of the course to slow down.