We have strategically placed fluid stations throughout our course for your hydration and enjoyment. It’s our goal to set up each station consistently so that you know what to expect.

We will offer Absopure water and lemon-lime flavor Gatorade Endurance at each station. We will serve the water first, followed by Gatorade. Our volunteers will be calling out the product they are holding. The Absopure water will come in a blue cup, while the Gatorade will be served in a green cup.

The stations on the first half will have two sets of tables on each side of the road…each station is set up the same and is serving the same products. You are welcome to use either.

We also have two Clif Shot gel stations out on the course…one at mile mark 9.4, and a second at mile mark 16.2. These stations will be serving gel packs in assorted flavors of strawberry, raspberry, citrus and chocolate. Hope we have your favorite flavor as you pass by. Our gel stations are provided through a generous sponsorship from our friends at RUNdetroit… our local running store in Downtown Detroit. One pack per participant per station, please.

We ask that you crush your cups after you have finished, and if possible, place them in the waste receptacles as you exit the fluid station. Be sure to thank the 100’s of volunteers at our 19 fluid stations along the course who are there to serve you and to cheer you on!

To see a full list of our fluids stations and their locations click below:

2019 Fluids Stations