We use a wave technique to send off participants on race day. We currently place approximately 1,500 participants into 15 waves or corrals lettered “A” thru “O”, with two minutes in between. It takes 30 minutes to get everyone across the start line on Sunday. The idea is to stretch the field out over time, so that you will be able to get off to a better start, and so that you won’t be delayed at any possible bottlenecks along the way. to learn more about wave starts click here.

Your corral assignment can be found in the bottom right corner of your bib. It is assigned based off of your predicted pace. If you are unhappy with your corral assignment, you can head over to Problems and Solutions Booth at the Health and Fitness Expo and request a change. Please bring proof of pace with you to make any changes.

Your corral assignment also tells you where to enter the start/finish area. Someone will be checking corral assignments at each entrance. To see a map of each entrance click here.