You may run the Marathon Relay as a team member, and run another individual, international event (Marathon or International Half Marathon) concurrently, as long as you register for and pay the entry fee for both events. You must run Leg #1 of the Marathon Relay to avoid difficult timing issues. For this reason, you may not run the Marathon Relay and the U.S.-Only Half-Marathon together.

Your steps to success:

  • You will be given two separate bib numbers – one for the Marathon Relay and one for your individual event. You must wear both. Each relay team, overall, will receive one timing bib on a belt. This bib will start with leg 1 and will be passed between each leg runner. THERE IS NO SHOE TIMING THIS YEAR.
  • You will run the 1st leg of the Relay, and will cross the timing mat at the start of Relay Leg 2. Once you have crossed the mat and Relay Leg 2 Runner has started, your Relay participation is over.
  • Just remover your relay timing bib on the belt and give it to the next leg runner. Remove the Relay bib from the front of your shirt and display your individual event bib.