We do have two timing clocks out on the marathon course – at mile 13.1 and mile 20 of the full marathon. These clocks are set to the event “gun time” or the start of Wave A-B. Otherwise, we do not have additional timing clocks out on the course, by design. We have used a wave start technique since 2009 when we moved the start line to W. Fort St. We send each wave off at 2-minute intervals, meaning that each wave has its own unique start time of day as well as a unique event running time. Therefore, we only have two choices when setting the timing clocks – the clock time of day which is applicable to everyone, but does not reflect your individual “race” running time; or the event “gun time,” which is the correct running time for the start of Wave A-B only.

In the long run, we figure that neither of these times are beneficial to the vast majority of participants. We trust that most participants are keeping their own personal time and pace using any number of technological devices available.