Transfers to new participants

If you’d like to transfer your entry to a new participant, this can ONLY be done at the Health & Fitness Expo for an additional fee of $40.00. To transfer your entry:

  1. Both you and the person you are transferring your entry to need to attend the Health & Fitness Expo TOGETHER.
  2. Whoever is currently registered must get their bib and goodie bag from the Packet Pick-Up area. Then both individuals visit the Problems & Solutions Booth.
  3. Race staff will complete the transfer. Please note that sharing of bibs without an official transfer is considered illegal and can result in disqualification of both parties.

Please note: If someone is trying to transfer their international event (Full Marathon, International Half-Marathon, The Supreme or The Wonder), the new participant can ONLY sign up for a domestic event. This is because we cannot allow for ANY NEW INDIVIDUALS in our International Events. A Domestic Event (U.S.-Only Half-Marathon, 5K, 1-Mile, Kids Fun Run) transfers like normal.

Transfers to a different event

If you’re looking to change your race entry to a different distance, this can ONLY be done at the Health & Fitness Expo for an additional fee of $30.00. To transfer your entry:

  1. Attend the Health & Fitness Expo and pick up your original bib and goodie bag from the Packet Pick-Up area.
  2. Visit the Problems & Solutions Booth to transfer your race to a new distance. Please note you MUST be wearing the correct bib for the distance you plan to run or else risk being pulled off the course. Running one of our international events with a domestic bib is considered a felony as you are then crossing an international border with improper documentation.

Please note: For those who are currently signed up for an International Event (Full Marathon, International Half-Marathon, Leg 1 or 2 of the Relay, The Supreme or The Wonder), they can change their class to any race, except the relay for the $30 fee. For those who are signed up for a Domestic Event (Legs 3-5 of the Relay, U.S.-Only Half-Marathon, 5K, Kids Fun Run, 1-Mile, The Temptation), they can only change between these distance. Meaning NO NEW INDIVIDUALS can change into International races. A difference in fee may be added if the price of the new distance is more than what was originally signed up for.

Defer your registration to 2020

Participants who can no longer participate in the 2019 event can defer their entry to 2020’s event. Just visit this link (or ) and follow the instructions to defer your entry. Upon completing the deferral, you will receive a code that will allow you to register for 2020’s event. There is a $30 deferral fee.

  • You can only defer once (meaning if you defer in 2019 to 2020, you cannot defer again from 2020 to 2021).
  • You can defer your entry up until October 1, 2019 at 11:59pm. Absolutely NO DEFERRALS after that date.

Contact us at or by calling 586.977.7525 if you have any questions. For quickest response, send us a direct message on Facebook.