A wave start is a technique that we use to send participants off in smaller groups (called “waves”), with a short time delay between each group. We currently place approximately 1,500 participants into 15 waves lettered “A” thru “O”, with two minutes in between. It takes 30 minutes to get everyone across the start line on Sunday. The idea is to stretch the field out over time, so that you will be able to get off to a better start, and so that you won’t be delayed at any possible bottlenecks along the way.

We will group you according to the projected time that you turned in when you registered. Since you will be wearing a timing computer chip, you are not penalized for a delayed start. Your net time (the time you finished minus the time that you crossed the start line) is your official event time and is used for all results and for Boston qualifying, EXCEPT for cash awards. Participants competing for cash prizes will be placed in Wave “A” at the front of the line.