An Enhanced Driver’s License (“EDL”) serves as both a driver’s license and border-crossing card. It is available through the Michigan Secretary of State’s office to Michigan residents who are also U.S. citizens. EDLs are also available in several other states and provinces, including Ontario. This optional card is convenient, affordable and the most flexible option for travelers to meet the tougher federal document requirements. (NOTE: an EDL does not replace a passport for air travel or travel outside of Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean.) To apply, residents may visit any Michigan Secretary of State branch office. The application process is relatively easy for those who already have a current driver’s license. Residents need only present proof of a valid Social Security number and U.S. citizenship in addition to their driver’s license. The process takes about four weeks. For more information on obtaining a Michigan EDL click here. If you are picking up your bib with an EDL, you need to present the actual license – the application with a receipt is not sufficient. When you are applying for an EDL, you must allow sufficient time to receive the proper license from the State of Michigan.