Home Workout for Runners

Published On: March 19th, 2020Categories: Workout With Us

We have been working at home for a full week now and like all of you, we are starting to get stir crazy. With gyms being closed, working out can be difficult but we are here to help with an at-home workout built with runners in mind. This workout will take about 30 minutes followed by some stretches to keep you moving through this period of social distancing. Under this downloadable PDF, you will find examples for each workout and modifications if needed.

Get your downloadable PDF here.


Working your arms can be tough especially if you do not have free weights, but these 5 moves are a great way to ignite your arms.


For a more engaging workout, extend your legs straight out.

Shoulder Taps

To make this motion easier, feel free to drop onto your knees. For a more challenging workout, remain in the plank position.

Plank Up-Down

Similar to shoulder taps, feel free to put less stress on your arms and core by dropping down to all fours.

Arm Circles

As you do this exercise, your circle sizes and speed should be deliberate. Make big slow circles to really feel the burn!

Cross Jab

Bring out your inner boxer for this move. As you jab with each fist, be conscious of each time you extend your arm and bring it back to your sides. Your arms should not be swinging.

Congratulations! You made it through the first half of your workout! Pat yourself on the back and grab a drink of water. Up next is legs!


We love our legs! Strong legs make for strong miles.

Front Lunges


This move looks pretty comfy…

Wall Sit

The deeper you sit, the harder this one will be! The goal is to be at exactly 90 degrees.

Squat Jump

Squat Jumps are high impact. To take some of the pressure off your knees, modify by doing regular squats instead.

Donkey Kicks


You did it! Now that you have finished the workout, don’t forget to stretch. Here are some great stretches we gathered with runners in mind.


Hip Flexor

Avoid allowing your front foot to leave the ground.

Straddle Abductor Stretch

When you do this exercise, you should look to keep your torso stationary as it moves from side to side.

Cross Leg Gluteal Stretch

Hip/Low Back Stretch

Illio-Tibial Band Stretch

Active Hamstring Stretch

Look for your knee to be extended at the top of the movement.

Spinal Stretch

Toe Touches


Thanks for tuning in and remember to keep moving! We know working out can be a huge stress relief and we hope that this helps you all whether you are working from home or just can’t make it to the gym. Keep in mind that this workout is just a suggestion and you should consult a doctor if you have any pre-existing conditions before attempting these moves.