The Official Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon Training Program

We have partnered with the Lydiard™ Foundation and Gazelle Sports to bring personalized training programs to you!

Participants of the official training program will be able to train with local certified coaches and enjoy the comradery of training groups managed by Gazelle Sports. This training is based upon the Lydiard Method, developed by Arthur Lydiard, which is a high-personalized plan for each runner’s fitness level, history, health and goals. You can learn more about the program here.

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Join one of Gazelle’s run camps and find a great group training atmosphere based on the Lydiard Method! With individualized plans and online tracking tools, Gazelle Sports wants to get ouy to the finish line (injury free)!


Lydiard™ Foundation

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The Lydiard™ Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to continue to bring Master coach Arthur Lydiard’s proven endurance training system, the Lydiard Method, to runners of all ages and abilities helping them to achieve their performance, health and fitness goals and potential. For more information on the Lydiard Foundation, please click here.


When you purchase a Running Wizard Training Plan you receive:

  • An easy-to-follow and inspiring Lydiard schedule
  • Detailed daily workouts tailor-made for your fitness level
  • Training phases to progressively develop faster paces
  • A choice of 4 – 7 training days per week
  • A choice of Saturday, Sunday or Monday long run
  • Progressive training paces and HR ranges
  • Effort guidelines
  • The Daily Recovery Indicator Index to monitor your training
  • Expert guidance, training tips and how-to advice
  • The premier training log of Final Surge and their mobile app (including GPS watch integration) to track your progress
  • The option for coaches to upgrade to the Final Surge coaching package so that they can monitor and coach their own athletes through the training log

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