Update June 24, 2020

Published On: June 24th, 2020Categories: COVID-19

As we have stated previously, we are still monitoring the situation closely and working with our local, state, federal and international public safety officials.

As the State of Michigan begins to reopen, the primary focus of the government and public health agencies has been evaluating and setting guidelines for those business sectors identified to reopen first.  We are hopeful that current downward trends continue and the state will be able to look toward new recommendations set forth on mass gatherings for 2020. Since the onset, this continues to be a very fluid situation, and we are closely monitoring our neighboring states as they begin to permit large gatherings in July. While we understand the benefits that this event has on our community, we also think it is important to be responsible members of our health community which could mean we need to move away from an in-person event to prevent the spread and help everyone to remain healthy.

We recognize this is not just our event as organizers, it’s the thousands of those who are already registered as well as those who have participated over the past 42 years. Keeping that in mind, we would like to hear from you. If interested, we welcome you to complete the following survey regarding the 2020 race as it relates to the pandemic: www.Freepmarathon.com/COVID-19Survey.

As many of you begin your training journeys and seeing some other fall events be cancelled, we know that you are looking for answers as for what our race will look like. At this time we are unable to definitively say whether or not the race will proceed as scheduled but we promise to share our contingency plans as well as any updates as soon as we are able.