Tell Us Why!

Published On: August 8th, 2019Categories: Uncategorized

With 26,000 runners, it’s safe to say that no two runners are the same. We all differ on our favorite parts, reasons for participating and running styles. Celebrating these differences, this July, we asked everyone to ‘in one sentence, tell us why…” for five different questions. Below are some highlights from each of the five questions!

With a special shout out to Stephanie Webb Miller: “I chose to run my first International Half in 2013 to overcome my fear of running through the tunnel. I’ve never been afraid to drive through it but had terrible nightmares of running through. I knew the only way to get over it was to do it! I didn’t know until race time that my friend/sole sister, Jeannie had the same concerns as me. We got through it together and have memories that will last a lifetime. The International Half is my favorite race ever. I can’t wait to be back in October! I’m bringing a first timer with me!!! We’re so excited! We’ll be running for my Dad and her Mom. They’re warriors, battling cancer right now. That tunnel won’t stop us!”

The start line is our favorite place to be on race weekend as well. There is nothing like the energy of thousands of people getting amped up to give it their all and see all of their training pay off.

Running over a bridge and into another country makes our race pretty unique. We love how this experience brings our two countries together.


he tunnel isn’t everyone’s favorite part of this race, but it’s the only underwater mile in the world! Did you know that the tunnel is 90 feet

underground? We have another special shout out from Yoop Erx, “I love running through the tunnel so I can take a selfie at the border while running. It never turns out, is always blurry and I always explain, ‘It’s because we’re running under water!’”

Asking why our runners listen to music while running started a debate greater than the water or Gatorade first at the fluid station. We think it’s important to say that if you do listen to music while you run, it’s important to make sure that the conditions are safe, for example if you’re getting some miles in on a treadmill, and that if you are running outside you are making sure that you can still pay attention to your surroundings, and hear everything going on around you! Some of our runners on this post suggested running with one ear bud out, or using headphones that don’t actually go into your ears. If you have any tips for runner safety don’t hesitate to share them with us!