Oh Shirt, We Got Mail!

Published On: July 26th, 2018Categories: Latest News From Marathon HQ

Our 2018 participant shirts are in! We are so excited to share with you these sneak peeks of our race shirts. Inspired by the flags of the U.S. and Canada, maple leaves and/or stars adorn the back of the shirts. If you’re running an international race (Marathon, International Half-Marathon or Marathon Relay), your shirt will feature the Ambassador Bridge. If you’re running a domestic race (U.S.-Only Half-Marathon, 5K or 1-Mile), your shirt will feature the Spirit of Detroit. Every shirt will showcase the distance on the front and back of the shirt!

Check out the shirts below, modeled by our own Marathon Staff!

  • Each event has a unique shirt, showcasing the distance and name of the event on the front and back.
  • All shirts will be long-sleeved.
  • Each shirt is from New Balance and made of a technical, dry-fit fabric (Kids Fun Run shirts will be a cotton blend).
  • Shirts are gender-specific sizing, each with a crewneck cut.
  • All shirts are a dark red. The specific color is “Red Pepper.” We love that name for some reason.

Let us guess what you’ll say next…

These shirts are awesome! I can’t wait to get mine!
Thanks! We’ve been working on them since late February, and are so excited to share them with you! Special shout-out to our designer Kevin who worked tirelessly on them.

How’s the sizing?
Great question! They are pretty true to size. All models above are wearing either a Women’s Medium or Men’s Large.

I’m running a Motor City Challenge race. What do I get?
You’ll get the event shirt from each event you run. So if you’re signed up for The Temptation, you’ll get a 1-Mile and 5K shirt. If you’re signed up for The Supreme, you’ll  get a 1-Mile, 5K and Full Marathon shirt!

Can I see or update the size shirt I picked during registration?
You bet! Click on this link to update your sizing on our registration platform. Just follow the instructions to edit your registration details. You can update your shirt size as many times as you want until August 27th!

Do you offer a shirt exchange at the Expo?
For the first time, yes! We have added a shirt exchange area to our Health & Fitness Expo. When you pick up your bib and race bag, volunteers will give you the shirt requested on your registration. If you need to change it, just head to the shirt exchange area near the exit of the Expo. We’ll get you hooked up with whatever sizes we have on hand.

I’m not sure if I like these…
Click here to see the cutest picture of Bogie, our Race Director’s dog. Hopefully he brightens your day!

But really, there are TONS of fun extras that we hope you like! This year’s race bag will include a Race Wrap (or buff, as they’re often referred to), bracelets and tattoos. Plus this year’s medals are going to be THE BEST YET. And we’re not just saying that. They’re seriously off the hook.