Canada to drop all COVID-19 entry requirements: Here’s what that means for our runners

This morning, the Government of Canada announced the removal of all COVID-19-related entry restrictions, including testing quarantine, and isolation requirements for anyone entering Canada, effective Oct. 1, 2022. The full announcement can be found here: 

This means that Detroit Free Press Marathon international race participants will no longer have to: 

  1. Provide and carry proof of vaccination at our Health & Fitness Expo. 
  2. Provide and carry proof of vaccination on race day. 
  3. Complete the ArriveCAN form prior to race day.
  4. Carry ArriveCAN registration on race day.

The changes announced by the Government of Canada will not impact the Detroit Free Press Marathon’s deadlines for registration, deferrals, transfer or change in category. The deadline to enter this year’s international races was Aug. 24, 2022. That means new international runners are not being accepted at this time.

The deadline to defer 2022 race registrations is Sept. 30, 2022.

“We welcome today’s announcement in time for this year’s return of our international components of the Detroit Free Press Marathon,” said Aaron Velthoven, vice president and executive producer of the Detroit Free Press Marathon. “The lifting of the COVID-19-related entry restrictions will simplify the race preparations for our participants, and is yet another step toward returning our great race to pre-pandemic norms.”

Reminder: All international runners will still need to present their WHTI-compliant document at the Health & Fitness Expo to pick up their race bib. All international runners will still need to carry their WHTI-compliant document during the race.

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Here’s the latest on requirements for entering Canada for the Detroit Free Press Marathon

We’re aware of the news reports about potential changes to the COVID-19 related requirements for entering Canada, including easing current restrictions. And we know many of you have questions on how those potential changes might impact you leading up to race day and on it. We have not received any official communication on potential changes from the Canadian government, but we have read what has been reported over the past day.

Here’s what you can expect if changes to the COVID-19 related requirements to enter into Canada are announced prior to Detroit Free Press Marathon race day:

  • The changes may impact what you’re required to bring to pick up your packet at the Health & Fitness Expo. They also might change what you’re required to run with during Sunday’s international races.
  • The changes will not impact registration, deferrals, change in category or transfer deadlines. The deadline for this year’s international races was August 24, 2022. The deadline to defer your 2022 race registration is September 30, 2022.

We’ve been in constant communication with the Canadian government throughout the past year, to ensure our international runners are adhering to the current requirements to gain access to Canada during our uniquely international race. As those requirements change, we will communicate the impact of those changes to you as soon as possible.

Here’s the latest on requirements for entering Canada for the Detroit Free Press Marathon2022-09-21T14:58:53-04:00

Important reminder: All runners entering Canada must complete the ArriveCAN process

All runners entering Canada will need to complete the ArriveCAN process in advance of the race.

If you’re participating in any of the following events, ArriveCAN is required: Marathon, International Half-Marathon, Supreme or Wonder challenge series, or Legs 1 and 2 of the Marathon Relay.

You will need to have either a digital or paper copy of your ArriveCAN receipt on your person during your race.

Everything you need to know about ArriveCAN as it relates to the Detroit Free Press Marathon is in our FAQ.

Important reminder: All runners entering Canada must complete the ArriveCAN process2022-09-07T11:19:14-04:00

Check out this year’s participant shirts! Plus we’ve got more news about super cool gear

They’re here! Check out our 2022 Detroit Free Press Marathon participant shirts! This year’s design celebrates our international return, highlighting America’s star and Canada’s maple leaf, and the bridge that brings both countries together.

Race distances will adorn the front of the shirt, along within our Detroit Free Press Marathon logo.  We can’t wait to pass these out in two months! How do you get your shirt? Sign up for one of our races today, so you do not miss out! Register here:

We’ve got some more apparel news, too.

We’ve upped our headband game this year. These new Detroit Free Press Marathon headbands are available for purchase now. See the headbands and more great official gear from our exclusive distributor of marathon-connected merchandise, Running Lab

Check out this year’s participant shirts! Plus we’ve got more news about super cool gear2022-08-15T17:29:07-04:00

Detroit Free Press has details on 2022 course, including return to international racing

It’s our newsiest course announcement in years! The Detroit Free Press has the details, including specifics on our return to Canada and all the exciting new additions on the U.S. side.

Highlights include the addition of Eastern Market, the Dequindre Cut and a finish line at the foot of Campus Martius.

Read the full story here.

Detroit Free Press has details on 2022 course, including return to international racing2022-06-23T18:45:48-04:00

COVID-19 update as 2022 registration opens

As we move forward with plans for an international race in 2022, we will be closely monitoring ongoing developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ll be deciding on race weekend protocols — and communicating them to the marathon community — as we approach October. This will include answering questions about which specific safety measures will (or won’t) be mandated.

But as registration opens, there are a couple things we can say definitively in early 2022. They include a new requirement for registering for international races.

Because of the ever-changing nature of Covid-19, international border agencies are continuously adjusting policies regarding crossing the border. We are working with the U.S. Custom and Border Protection Agency and Canada Border Service Agency to ensure we are following all guidelines for international border crossing. As it stands at the opening of registration (Jan. 1, 2022), both the U.S. Custom and Border Protection Agency and Canada Border Service Agency require proof of Covid-19 vaccination to cross the border. The marathon will follow these guidelines for our international races.

That means: For our international races, you must be vaccinated at the time of registration — and show proof of it. This will include uploading a photo of your vaccination card.

Your proof of vaccination should align with current Canadian rules, which currently include having at least two doses of a vaccine accepted for travel, a mix of two accepted vaccines or at least one dose of the Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine. For more info on Canadian requirements, click here.

We will alert registrants and potential participants if any adjustments are made as the year moves forward.

COVID-19 update as 2022 registration opens2022-06-07T21:27:39-04:00

Being on Both Sides of the Start Line

Being on Both Sides of the Startline

A guest blog post by race ambassador, Lindsay Parsell Soter. Lindsay and her family have been involved in our race since basically, its inception. They have made a tradition of our race weekend, both running it and supporting it.

Follow Lindsay on Instagram at: @conqueryourfinishline


Being on Both Sides of the Start Line2021-06-29T01:00:22-04:00

SEA LIFE Aquarium and LEGOLAND Discovery Center Contest

We are partnering with SEA LIFE Aquarium and LEGOLAND Discovery Center with two exciting giveaways for the whole family!

SEA LIFE Aquarium: If you are looking for the chance to win a free race registration and two tickets for you and a friend to visit SEA LIFE Aquarium, all you need to is visit our Instagram page, look for the turtle waving hello and enter now! The contest is open from 5/27-6/10 at 11:59pm ET. Two winners will be notified by 6/15.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center: We’ve all been spending a lot of time at home over the last year and a half and if you have little ones at home, you might be running out of activities to keep them occupied. We got you covered! From 5/27-6/10, anyone who registers for the Kids Fun Run will automatically be entered into winning 2 tickets to LEGOLAND Discovery Center! LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a great indoor playground for your kids with more than ten attractions available! We will be selecting 2 winners and they will be notified via email by 6/15.

SEA LIFE Aquarium and LEGOLAND Discovery Center Contest2021-05-27T01:00:25-04:00

Tips for Beginners

Tips for Beginners…From a Former Beginner!

A guest blog post by 2021 Race ambassador, Tanya Thornton.

Starting to run, especially starting to run when you just committed to 26.2 miles, can be daunting. If you never had a good relationship with running as a kid (maybe you did your best to get out of running the mile every year at school), starting now as an adult can seem even more overwhelming. You need to find the right shoes,  hydration, find a way to eat WHILE you’re running in some cases, and we haven’t even touched upon how a person can stay motivated for that long?  As a former beginner (I didn’t start running until 2017 and my children were grown), let me help you figure out where to start.

First things first:

Find Your Why

I became an empty nester in 2017. I had two children who were college graduates and my youngest was just entering college.  I was still very busy though.  I had an Insurance and Real Estate business where I was changing the business model. With all of that change, I was pretty overwhelmed.  I had no work-life balance. On top of my work-related stress, my brother was sick with diabetes. I felt like I was about to explode.

At the time, I worked out at the gym and at home but I definitely did NOT run! Sone of my clients and friends were runners and they intrigued me. They ran 5k’s and had shiny medals to show off!  I had never been interested in running before, but I was looking for something fun and productive, and running seemed like it might be a good option for me now. I liked the sense of competition and reward. I had never run a 5k but now,  I was determined.  And guess what?  Once you run, no matter what the pace or the distance, you are a RUNNER!

I would run early in the morning.  It started my day off the right way.  I had a routine.  My stress levels immediately decreased. Running provided clarity for me on so many different issues.  I had more energy.  I lost weight. I couldn’t believe it!  I was having fun running!

I learned a few lessons very quickly:

    • VERY IMPORTANT! Invest in a great pair of running shoes to prevent injury!  Most running stores will evaluate your running gait at no charge.  They will recommend the best type of running shoes for you. Some stores allow a 30-day return policy after you have purchased and tried them out (You can keep track of the miles that you put on your shoes through an app by the way.  Shoes to need to be replaced after a certain amount of miles are put on them so be sure to ask about that when you’re making your purchase).
    • Running socks are a thing.  Certain socks do not work for me.  Cotton is rotten!
    • Dress accordingly.  Have you ever seen someone running outside in 40-degree weather with shorts on?  Well, it’s because your body heats up approximately an additional 20 degrees when you are running.  If your body overheats it can drain you and affect your running performance.  
    • Learn how to fuel.  Yes, many runners eat and drink while running! Stay hydrated. I am still learning what works for me.  I use Nuun hydration tablets (started off with Gatorade) and Ucan hydration.  There is run gum for an extra boost.  There are lots of gels, gummies,  and wafers designed specifically for running.  Many runners eat oatmeal or bananas. I use peppermints and may eat an oatmeal cookie if I am going on a long run. 
    • Start off slow
      • Do what is best for you!  Some run outside all year round in the heat and in the snow.  Others run on the treadmill. Either is fine.  There are different apps that you can use to help you while on your run journey.  A few that I used were Runkeeper, Map My Run and Nike Run Club. Later, I purchase a Garmin run watch that I use to keep track of my runs.  There are many run programs online that map out a run schedule for 5k’s 10k’s, Half Marathons and Marathons.  A few common programs are Hal Higdon, Jeff Galloway or Hanson’s. You can also ask your local running store if they have any programs that they would recommend.
    • Listen to your body!
      • Make sure that you warm-up prior to running and stretch after a run.  Dynamic stretching and warm-ups like leg swings, arm circles, arm hugs, and walking lunges are great examples.  What works for others, may not work for you and vice versa!  It is okay to slow down while.  It is okay to run, then walk, then run again.  Stretching and foam rolling after a run helps your body to recover. And remember, it is perfectly fine to take a rest day!  Your body needs it! You will see runners who are fast and who run far.  It takes time to get there.  Enjoy the process along the way. With each run, you will learn something new about your body, willpower, and strength!
    • Cross Train
      • Cross-training is very important to your success as a long distance runner.  Some examples of cross-training would be walking, machines like the elliptical, yoga, strength training, and biking.  You need to keep your body strong in order to run.  You can also find some great examples of free at-home cross-training workouts on the freepmarathon website here!
      • I learned this the hard way.  I was a much stronger runner when I first started running because I had been lifting weights.  Then, the more I ran, the less I strength trained. Running then became more of a struggle.
    • You can choose to run solo or groups
      • I love both! I love running alone.  It is so peaceful.  I am alone with my thoughts.  I don’t listen to music but I sometimes listen to podcasts.  I get to plan my day and my week.  I get to refresh my soul!
      • Groups are also fun.  They are so motivating.  You can get great running tips from group members.  You may meet a best friend in a group.  Running with others can be easier on longer runs. You can travel to races with group members.  They will show up to support you at races. You can do some serious training and get some serious miles in with group members. During my Free Press Marathon in 2018, I trained with two of my run friends for the Marathon.   Then, during the marathon, one of those friends ran the first 20 miles with me.  During the last mile and a half of the Free Press marathon, when I thought I had nothing left in me, someone from one of my run groups saw me on the course and ran me.  A few days later I found out that she did this for several runners.  And that is the benefit of belonging to a group!

Finally, don’t forget to encourage yourself!

Every day is different when running.  Take it all in!  Enjoy the run! At some point, you will experience a runner’s high!  Throw your gear on.  Step outside! Get started!  Run happy! Run Free!

P.S. I also just wanted to share another motivator for me to run: my Grandson! My kids all casually run now and two of them have run some 5k’s, but I cannot wait to run with my grandson! He is going to love the kid’s fun run once he is old enough!


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When Life Gives You an Inch, How Do You Take a Mile?

When Life Gives You an Inch, How Do You Take a Mile?

Guest blog post by 2019- 2021 Ambassador, Erin Dawkins

I didn’t start running until after I became a mother. I started running after my son was born in an effort to battle the baby blues. I was severely overweight, unable to keep up with my two-year-old and newborn baby, and overall unhappy. Nothing helped until my husband suggested I try something completely out of my comfort zone – I went for a run. That was almost seven years ago, and I’ve never turned back.


When Life Gives You an Inch, How Do You Take a Mile?2021-04-28T01:00:47-04:00
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