Bring Your Dog to Work Day: Race Staff Edition

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Hi everyone! We have some exciting news over at HQ- our Downtown Detroit office is now dog friendly!

Since our staff has grown by 32 paws, we have thought it’s only fair that we introduce you to all of them too!

First: You’ve seen him before but have you seen him looking this stylish?

Bogey Bennage

Relation to Race Staff: Executive Race Director, Barbara’s child.

Age: 6

Race of choice: 1-mile (Anything longer than that will result in unnecessary pee stops).

Predicted Pace: Stop and pee on the roses – back of the packer.

Post run meal of choice: Eggs. High protein. High reward.

Pre-run stretch: Belly up with legs outstretched.

Favorite gear: I prefer to run au naturel.

Morning or night time runner? Night-time. My humans go to this thing called work all day so I save all my energy to run with them at night.

Long run distance: I prefer a long walk- five miles.

Running song: Hound Dog by Elvis

Solo or Group Runs: Solo – too many distractions in a group run.

Fun fact: Zeke the Wonder Dog is my idol.


Sugar Heard

Relation to the Race Staff: Niece to the Entertainment and Community Relations Director, Kevin.

Age: 9

Race of Choice: Kids Fun Run- I don’t sweat.

Predicted Pace: Stop and smell the roses, tulips, dandelions and grass kind of pace.

Post run meal of choice: Peanut Butter on my favorite doggie spoon.

Pre-run stretch: Downward dog…in my dog bed.

Favorite gear: Diamond studded leg warmers.

Morning or night time runner? An afternoon prancer.

Long run distance: 10 minute sprints followed by 50 minute naps. Serious Interval Training!

Running song: Scooby Doo, Where are you?

Solo or Group Runs: Runs solo and only when food is involved.

Fun fact: I have the biggest crush on Scooby Doo.


Bentley Braxton Caplan

Relation to the Race Staff: My mom is the Director of the Challenge Series, Alivia.

Age: 8.5

Race of Choice: Bare Buns Fun Run. I never wear pants.

Predicted Pace: Stop to bark at the squirrels kind of pace.

Post run meal of choice: Peanut Butter filled Kong.

Pre-run stretch: Tiny Fencer Stretch.

Favorite gear: I would much rather be nakey, but if you’re making me pick- a leather leash is a pretty cool accessory.

Morning or night time runner? Morning.

Long run distance: Tough to say. Depends on the weather.

Running song: Beamer, Benz or Bentley.

Solo or Group Runs: I’m not allowed to run by myself anymore.

Fun fact: Things I think you should know about me:

Pro: Love to travel and try new things

Con: Spend all my money on traveling and trying new things

Pro: I share, so you can try my food

Con: Might eat your food too

Pro: Never gonna give you up

Con: Never gonna let you down


Relation to the Race Staff: Fur Nephew to the Expo and Digital Director, Leah.

Age: Almost three!

Race of Choice: Anything as long as their is food at the end of it!

Predicted Pace: I used to be a solid 7 minute miler but snacks happen.

Post run meal of choice: The crunchy lettuce bits or carbs. I’m diverse.

Pre-run stretch: Downward dog.

Favorite gear: You’ll normally find me rockin a Good2GO harness, but if Nike made dog stuff….I might just do it. And by do it, I mean wear all the things.

Morning or night time runner? Night… but honestly more of a midnight snacker these days.

Long run distance: Max 10K.

Running song: Kung Fu Fighting- Carl Douglas

Solo or Group Runs: Pack Animal!

Fun fact: I dance whenever dinner is served, I have been known to steal watermelon from grocery bags, and I think blow-up Christmas decor is despicable.


Peaches Viselli

Relation to the Race Staff: The Director of Conquered, Marcy, is technically my owner- but that chick is wrapped around my finger!

Age: 15- respect the wisdom.

Race of Choice: Kids Fun Run because who wants to be a grown up?

Predicted Pace: Need Belly rubs for motivation.

Post run meal of choice: Chicken.

Pre-run stretch: 2 hour nap!

Favorite gear: I love a t-shirt!

Morning or night time runner? Morning!

Long run distance: As long as I want- I told you, she’s on my schedule.

Running song: Peaches & Cream by 112

Solo or Group Runs: Solo

Fun fact: I’ve modeled professionally for a local pet store!


Gracie Scodellaro

Relation to the Race Staff: I call the Assistant Race Director, Matt, Dad.

Age: 10!

Race of Choice: 1-Mile. Great speed, poor endurance.

Predicted Pace: Sprinter.

Post run meal of choice: Chocolate Milk. Don’t judge me.

Pre-run stretch: Child’s pose.

Favorite gear: Buff.

Morning or night time runner? Night rider.

Long run distance: 4 miles.

Running song: Dog Days are Over.

Solo or Group Runs: Solo

Fun fact: Proud and loyal Spartan Dawg.


Marley Kelly

Relation to the Race Staff: The Digital Marketing and Volunteer Services Director, Jackie, rescued me!

Age: 1.5 years old.

Race of Choice: The International Half-Marathon- I want to see Canadian Squirrels.

Predicted Pace: Elite runner when squirrels or ducks are motivating me.

Post run meal of choice: Sweet Potatoes and Steak. I love a complex carb.

Pre-run stretch: Cat/Cow Pose.

Favorite gear: a medal

Morning or night time runner? I’m down to run all the time.

Long run distance: Until I catch the squirrels.

Running song: Wasn’t Me- Shaggy

Solo or Group Runs: Do Squirrels Count as a Group?

Fun fact: I haven’t stolen food off the counter since September.



Harley Kirn

Relation to the Race Staff: The On-Site Registration Director is my Mom!

Age: 3, but that means I’m 21 in dog years so I can hit the bars.

Race of Choice: Trail race- I’m in search of the the biggest stick and the best sniffs. It’s a sad day when the stick doesn’t fit through the door.

Predicted Pace: Weary Wagon- I often lose time when following a scent and have yet to finish a race in the time allotted.

Post run meal of choice: The stick I found along the way with a side of bacon.

Pre-run stretch: I warm up before every walk by doing jumping jacks.

Favorite gear: Green freedom harness…Green to represent my mom’s favorite school (Go Green!) and freedom harness because it lets me wander and sniff as much as I want, despite mom’s wishes.

Morning or night time runner? Day or night- I’m ready.

Long run distance: ALL DAY (Schmidt voice)

Running song: Hustlin by Rick Ross.

Solo or Group Runs: Solo or duo- can’t get distracted from the sniffs…or let anyone else get the stick first.

Fun fact: My mom and Dad are getting married this year!