Where the fartlek is my shirt?!

Published On: November 30th, 2016Categories: Latest News From Marathon HQ

We promise, they are not lost in the mail nor do we have an incorrect address on file.  We didn’t pace ourselves when we announced that you would have your shirt by Thanksgiving and we apologize for any miscommunication or lack of communication on our part.   

Here’s the scoop:  The fulfillment house that our shirt vendor contracted to send the shirts out didn’t realize what an undertaking mailing nearly 27,000 shirts would be. They needed to be sorted by gender, by size and by race – and make it in the correct envelope. They are working overtime to ensure everything is in the mail by Tuesday, December 6th and delivered to you by Tuesday, December 20th.

 We appreciate your patience and understanding of this unfortunate and rare situation “Shirt Happens” has put us all in. 

“Wait! But you said we would have them by Nov. 28th!”

We know, and we’re very sorry about this. We released that date based on information given to us, and unfortunately it was incorrect.

“This is the worst thing that has ever happened!”

We disagree. In 2016 we lost Prince, David Bowie, Alan Rickman and even Gordie Howe. Plus, did you see this year’s presidential race?

“I live in Canada/Mexico/United Kingdom/other country than the U.S.”

Unfortunately your shirts are going to take a bit of extra time to get to you because of international shipping (up to 2 extra weeks). We understand many of our runners come from Canada, and all we can say is “sorry, eh!”

“You guys had all year to figure this out!”

Our shirt order is actually placed in May. By then designs are finalized, sizes estimated and vendor secured. Like we mentioned earlier this year, an unforeseen shipping circumstance that was nobody’s fault led us to #ShirtGate 2016.

“This is no biggie! Say, when is the race next year?”

Our race is always the third weekend in October – we’d love to have you join us again at the start line! Registration will open on Jan. 1st for Oct. 14-15, 2017.

“Hey, I noticed your name changed. What’s up with that?

We are now the proud partner of Chemical Bank, and now the Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon.

“Thanks, now my day is ruined after reading this.”

Here are 27 pictures of cute puppies who will make it all better.

“No, like my day is seriously ruined. I need to talk to someone now.”

For quickest response, send us a direct message on Facebook here and we can help you out. Someone from our race staff will be responding to all messages as soon as possible.