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Orangetheory Fitness is 2022 marathon’s official fitness center

Orangetheory Fitness is the official fitness center of the 2022 Detroit Free Press Marathon, the race is pleased to announce.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Orangetheory has over 1,400 studios in the United States. Among them are 23 in Michigan, including centers in Detroit, Royal Oak, Birmingham, Rochester, Farmington Hills, Northville, and Canton.

The Orangetheory approach is built around one-hour, group workouts that are focused on building endurance, strength, and power. The coach-led sessions utilize heart rate-based interval training, with class members wearing heart rate monitors during their workouts.

Through June, Orangetheory is offering Detroit Free Press Marathon registrants a special discount. Any registered runner who signs up as a new Orangetheory Fitness member will receive one free month, along with a $20 discount on a heart rate monitor.

The Detroit Free Press has more information about the Orangetheory news.

Orangetheory Fitness is 2022 marathon’s official fitness center2022-06-23T14:40:37-04:00

COVID-19 update as 2022 registration opens

As we move forward with plans for an international race in 2022, we will be closely monitoring ongoing developments related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ll be deciding on race weekend protocols — and communicating them to the marathon community — as we approach October. This will include answering questions about which specific safety measures will (or won’t) be mandated.

But as registration opens, there are a couple things we can say definitively in early 2022. They include a new requirement for registering for international races.

Because of the ever-changing nature of Covid-19, international border agencies are continuously adjusting policies regarding crossing the border. We are working with the U.S. Custom and Border Protection Agency and Canada Border Service Agency to ensure we are following all guidelines for international border crossing. As it stands at the opening of registration (Jan. 1, 2022), both the U.S. Custom and Border Protection Agency and Canada Border Service Agency require proof of Covid-19 vaccination to cross the border. The marathon will follow these guidelines for our international races.

That means: For our international races, you must be vaccinated at the time of registration — and show proof of it. This will include uploading a photo of your vaccination card.

Your proof of vaccination should align with current Canadian rules, which currently include having at least two doses of a vaccine accepted for travel, a mix of two accepted vaccines or at least one dose of the Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine. For more info on Canadian requirements, click here.

We will alert registrants and potential participants if any adjustments are made as the year moves forward.

COVID-19 update as 2022 registration opens2022-06-07T21:27:39-04:00

Bring Your Dog to Work Day: Race Staff Edition

Hi everyone! We have some exciting news over at HQ- our Downtown Detroit office is now dog friendly!

Since our staff has grown by 32 paws, we have thought it’s only fair that we introduce you to all of them too!

First: You’ve seen him before but have you seen him looking this stylish?


Bring Your Dog to Work Day: Race Staff Edition2020-01-30T14:15:55-05:00

Podcast or No Podcast? That is a question.

As you may have heard by now, we started a podcast at Marathon HQ (if you haven’t, you should totally check it out here)! Going behind the scenes, we’re covering different aspects of the race from the Ladies of COBO to how the medical tent runs so smoothly over a five-part series.


Podcast or No Podcast? That is a question.2019-08-16T10:50:42-04:00

Tell Us Why!

With 26,000 runners, it’s safe to say that no two runners are the same. We all differ on our favorite parts, reasons for participating and running styles. Celebrating these differences, this July, we asked everyone to ‘in one sentence, tell us why…” for five different questions. Below are some highlights from each of the five questions!

With a special shout out to Stephanie Webb Miller: “I chose to run my first International Half in 2013 to overcome my fear of running through the tunnel. I’ve never been afraid to drive through it but had terrible nightmares of running through. I knew the only way to get over it was to do it! I didn’t know until race time that my friend/sole sister, Jeannie had the same concerns as me. We got through it together and have memories that will last a lifetime. The International Half is my favorite race ever. I can’t wait to be back in October! I’m bringing a first timer with me!!! We’re so excited! We’ll be running for my Dad and her Mom. They’re warriors, battling cancer right now. That tunnel won’t stop us!”

The start line is our favorite place to be on race weekend as well. There is nothing like the energy of thousands of people getting amped up to give it their all and see all of their training pay off.

Running over a bridge and into another country makes our race pretty unique. We love how this experience brings our two countries together.


he tunnel isn’t everyone’s favorite part of this race, but it’s the only underwater mile in the world! Did you know that the tunnel is 90 feet

underground? We have another special shout out from Yoop Erx, “I love running through the tunnel so I can take a selfie at the border while running. It never turns out, is always blurry and I always explain, ‘It’s because we’re running under water!’”

Asking why our runners listen to music while running started a debate greater than the water or Gatorade first at the fluid station. We think it’s important to say that if you do listen to music while you run, it’s important to make sure that the conditions are safe, for example if you’re getting some miles in on a treadmill, and that if you are running outside you are making sure that you can still pay attention to your surroundings, and hear everything going on around you! Some of our runners on this post suggested running with one ear bud out, or using headphones that don’t actually go into your ears. If you have any tips for runner safety don’t hesitate to share them with us!

Tell Us Why!2019-08-08T11:47:56-04:00

It’s T-shirt Time!

Our 2019 participant shirts are in! If you haven’t already gotten a sneak peek of our shirts in the Detroit Marathon Runners or Rookie Round-up Facebook groups, we are so excited to share some pictures of our race staff wearing them here! Inspired by the Ambassador Bridge and the Spirit of Detroit, the international landmarks appear on the back of the shirts. If you’re running a Sunday race (Full Marathon, International Half-Marathon, U.S.-Only Half-Marathon, Five-person Marathon Relay, The Wonder, and The Supreme), your shirt will feature the Ambassador Bridge. If you’re running a Saturday race (1-Mile, 5k, and Temptation), your shirt will feature the Spirit of Detroit. Every shirt will showcase the distance on the front and back of the shirt!

Check out the shirts below, modeled by our own Marathon Staff!

  • Each event has a unique shirt, showcasing the distance and name of the event on the front and back.
  • All shirts will be long-sleeved.
  • Each shirt is from New Balance and made of a technical, dry-fit fabric (Kids Fun Run shirts will be a cotton blend).
  • Shirts are gender-specific sizing, each with a crewneck cut.
  • The shirts will either be Outer Space or Summer Fog.

Let us guess what you’ll say next…

These shirts are awesome! I can’t wait to get mine!
Thanks! We’ve been working on them since late February and are so excited to share them with you! Special shout-out to our designer, Kevin, who worked tirelessly on them.

How’s the sizing?
Great question! The women’s shirts run a little small and the men’s shirts run a little big this year. All models above are wearing either a women’s medium or men’s large.

I’m running a Motor City Challenge race. What do I get?
You’ll get shirts specifically designed for you with your distance on them! You’ll also get a cool CCC goodie bag- any guesses what CCC stands for?!

Can I see or update the size shirt I picked during registration?
You bet! Click on this link to update your sizing on our registration platform. Just follow the instructions to edit your registration details. You can update your shirt size as many times as you want until August 26th!

Do you offer a shirt exchange at the Expo?
Yes! We added a shirt exchange area to our Health & Fitness Expo last year. When you pick up your bib and race bag, volunteers will give you the shirt requested on your registration. If you need to change it, just head to the shirt exchange area near the exit of the Expo. We’ll get you hooked up with whatever sizes we have on hand.

I’m not sure if I like these…
Here’s some outtakes of our models jumping a running…. they should clearly leave the running to you.

But really, there are TONS of fun extras that we hope you like! This year’s race bag will include a Race Wrap (or buff, as they’re often referred to) and gloves. Plus, this year’s medals are going to be THE BEST YET. And we’re not just saying that. They’re seriously off the hook.

It’s T-shirt Time!2019-07-24T08:33:32-04:00

Featured Charities

2020 Features:

Friends of the Rouge


To restore, protect, and enhance the Rouge River watershed through stewardship, education, and collaboration.

Length of Operation:

34 years.

How long have you been partnering with the marathon?

2020 will be our fifth year participating.

Most heartwarming moment:

People gathering together to run for something greater than themselves.

What is the most interesting story you have from a past race weekend?

The first year our executive director “ran” the 5K seven months pregnant with her two year old in a stroller, husband and parents together.  She wants everyone to know that she “runs this race for [her] children AND the Rouge River – because [she] sees the health of our backyard waterways directly linked to [her] children’s health and the health of world [she] hopes they can live in someday.

What do you want others to know?

Every action we take today will directly affect a future yet unseen.  Let’s make sure it’s one we can be proud to make come true.

Why did you choose to partner with the Detroit Free Press/TCF Bank Marathon?

Opportunity to partner with a well-respected event, to offer people a unique way to “give back” to the Rouge and engage with our mission, while at the same time celebrating as a collective community the incredible resiliency of Detroit (economic, social and environmental) in the heart of the city.

How can people help your charity?

Volunteer, become a member, be a “Friend” of the Rouge everyday with choices and actions that positively impact the Rouge River and all water wherever you call home!

2019 Features:




To reduce animal homelessness and needless euthanasia by making high quality, affordable spay/neuter services available to our community.

Length of Operation:

Almost 8 years.

How long have you been partnering with the marathon?

This is our first year!


Featured Charities2019-07-15T16:02:25-04:00

Jams to Help you Breeze through Summer Training

As the weather gets hotter, you might find yourselves needing some extra inspiration to get those miles in every week. We are here to help!

Below, specially curated for our runners, are two playlists that are sure to give you a burst of energy while training.


Jams to Help you Breeze through Summer Training2019-07-05T13:34:08-04:00
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